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fullsoul runningpad® Less shoe is not possible!

fullsoul runningpad® Weniger Schuh geht nicht!

For all who love barefoot as the most original form of movement, but want to avoid dirty soles, cuts and slanted looks! The runningpad is an ultra minimalist and elegant "barefoot shoe", made from one piece of thin leather, without seams, rivets or glue. Through fine straps the leather sole nestles up against the foot like a second skin.

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runningpad standard feet

one size fits all Price: 109€ + shipping costs + 19% value added tax


runningpad individual feet

custom-made Price: 179€ + shipping costs + 19% value added tax

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runningpads and human motion

The idea for the fullsoul runningpad came from the passionate long-distance, mountain and barefoot runner Dr. Martin Daumer, inspired by the evolutionary-biologically based hypothesis that man is "born to run" - as a high-temperature forefoot long-distance runner who, with his extraordinary stamina, has been able to assert himself in evolutionary hunting. Over many years he developed and tested various minimal shoe prototypes. A first milestone was the ISPO Award 2012 for the heel-free model freeheel runningpad®. He received the second ISPO Award in 2016 in the outdoor segment for the current minimal shoe fullsoul runningpad. Within the scope of his professional research activities, Martin Daumer investigates, among other things, possibilities to quantify human movement in everyday life with mobile sensor technology.

Each custom-made fullsoul runningpad is unique, made to fit the individual foot shape. The minimal shoe is cut out of one piece of thin, resistant cowhide (100% vegetable tanned) with a computer-controlled cutting plotter and finished by hand. It weighs ultralight 70 g with shoe size 43 EU (9 1/2 US) and medium leather thickness.

Warning: Running barefoot is different

You don't just want to go barefoot, but also want to run with minimal shoes like the fullsoul runningpad? Please note: A too fast change from the typical heel-heeled running style to forefoot / midfoot running can lead to overstrain and serious injury. Muscles and tendons need time to adapt! Sports physicians, physiotherapists and orthopedists as well as suitable sources on the Internet advise and support you in this process, e.g. on
For more information on the topic refer to the an interview with Dr. Martin Daumer on

Our recommendation for barefoot running

Start with short running distances and pay attention to how the body reacts. Then increase distances and speed very carefully. Also inform yourself about forefoot/midfoot running and healthy transition. You can find more orientation, information and scientific findings on the net. Our own research results show that during the transition phase the risk of running injuries is more than tripled:
On the measurement of running


Barefoot Runners Society Froum - macdiver - 01.12.2021

Barefoot Runners Society I won these FullSoul Running Pads back in August and received them in September. I wanted to wear them for a little while before posting a review. My initial impression is that these are very well made. As an engineer I was impressed by the process in using a single piece of leather to make these sandals. I used these sandals for running on roads that I can not run skin to ground barefoot on and found that they provide good protection for chip seal and heavily cracked pavement. I considered wearing these for my marathon in November... read more

Anya's Reviews - 22.07.2020

Anya's Reviews Running Pads are definitely the most minimal sandal I’ve ever worn. They weigh next to nothing and are so thin and supple, it feels just like being barefoot. They can be custom cut to the shape of your foot, or you can order a preset sizing. These are more expensive than the others I talk about here, but if you want a real barefoot feel these sandals are for you. has been an official shop for just a few months. They sell custom and preset sandals that are made from one SINGLE piece of leather (that means no seams to come undone). They are the lightest, most minimal... read more or watch the video


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Dr. Martin Daumer
creator of the fullsoul runningpad®